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The ocean spans endlessly around my listless body and swallows the vast sky, threatening to swallow me too. It laps away at my consciousness, until I melt away into its embrace. Time stretches and expands, and I can’t tell if it’s been minutes or days or months. I can't remember anything.


Memoria Castaway is a point-and-click visual novel with fishing minigames. Follow our protagonist as they fish their way through their memories and, for better or worse, remember why they forgot them in the first place.

Controls: Click, Space, or Enter to interact.

Created for Game Off 2021. This game may not seem like it follows the theme but I swear it will become more clear in the future. Or maybe, you've simply forgotten how it relates...

This is a prototype, and is not the whole game. Stay tuned for when we release the completed game! Please don't yell at us for bugs, they were intentionally added to make this prototype still meet the game jam's theme and also this was made in under a month.

Known bugs: It's possible to get stuck on the fishing stage, due to fish no longer noticing the bob. If this happens, please use the skip button to skip past the fishing stage.


Game programming, background / character art, SFX by Froggo (shuttlefrog @ itch / twitter)

Narrative writing, concept / level / character design, UI programming by Kain (ethverie @ itch / twitter)

Open source music by: MusMus, TAM Music, Purrple Cat

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorsethverie, shuttlefrog
GenreVisual Novel
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Fishing, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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the game has interesting premise, especially I love the mood in the beginning of the game. The graphics and art style is very good. 

The gameplay I've encountered are two: point-n-click and fishing part, that I... had spent almost 20 minutes cannot make the fish take my bait. So, only if it's skippable then I can continue my gameplay.

glad to hear you liked it! sorry about the bug, we're working on fixing it... in the meanwhile, we added a skip button to the game in case that happens so you're still able to progress. thanks so much for the feedback!

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great that is what I need

edit: finished the game. The story is great, keep going.

sorry for asking, I've downloaded the game and open the .exe file. Click the start but then it's blank box.

I've screenshot my screen, is this only for me?

I've had the same issue, nothing appears on the first dialogue box and I'm unable to continue. 

hi, super sorry about that! we just updated it, can you try redownloading the file?

hello, i'm so sorry for this, we've just updated the download file, can you try again?

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sure will do that. Thanks

edit: able to start, thanks. will be back for rating after playing.